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Gyllene Tider signs new record deal for North America

Written by roxeteer on April 1, 2004 to .

NEW YORK - As Aftonbladet mentioned today, Per is currently visiting New York City. TDR is now able to reveal the real purpose of his visit. He is meeting Capitol Records’ management to prepare the record deal that Gyllene Tider will sign as early as next week. If everything goes as planned, this will mean that the new Gyllene Tider album, “Finn Fem Fel,” will be released in the major USA cities at the same time as it is in Sweden, on June 2nd.

  “The people here were enthusiastic about their new material,” says our anonymous source who is close to Capitol management and has followed Per’s career since the early 80s. “It’s a pity that their previous attempt to conquer the U.S. failed, but this time we feel we have a real winner on our hands.”

  The plan is to release a special “US edition” of the album with some, but not all, of the songs translated into English. “There’s a growing interest in foreign languages in the States, and we think the album will get even more attention because the songs are in a strange Scandinavian language.”

  There are also preliminary plans to continue the tour in the fall with club concerts in New York, Minneapolis and Chicago. All three are cities with a large Scandinavian population.

  Update: This article, of course, was our April Fool’s joke. Gotcha!


One of the best April Fools’ Day stories I’ve ever heard. :D

He, he...Funny! :D

thought it sounded really strange, and yes you are right, it’s april 1st :D *lol*

Very good!!!... Rich

hahahahah good one!!

hehe... nice one!! You almost got me!! :)

I think there will be a Tour in the USA in fall!! lol!! :P

LOLOL!!! best I’ve read in ages :D

Shit you got me then! I was about to post... unfair what about Europe! silly me!

nice joke ;)

OMG! *stands up and claps* Excellent guys, as we have “our” April Fool’s day in December (actually is not “April Fool’s day”, it has a different name) I was totally overwhelmed by this news and didn’t expect it to be a joke till I read the comments!

Like DeNiro says in Analyse This: “You ... you’re good!” ;)

But Ally, like you said to me earlier... it’s not valid anymore, unless UK is different... To us, that was posted after 12 midday, all ’aprils fools’ must be done before then! ;)
I did get fooled earlier... DVD forum I use, posted a bargin... but yep, an april fools. There’s me sat here with credit card in hand! HEHEHE!

Sounded reasonable. While reading I was already wondering how to purchase this album... Got me!


Flower: Me too!!!

Very good indeed!!! =)

are there any actual roxette fans that find this mildly insulting?

I still can’t believe it. I have to get used with the idea...But do they know what they are doing?...Sorry for being too cautious, maybe is not the right moment...but still, what if they’ll fail in the US? I guess they do need a video now...

Got me. I didn’t know is April the 1st, damn!!!

Max-Tob: Is that sarcasm i’m missing... or are you believing it? Hmm.
Coywhatsit... April fools... y’know... pull a prank etc, if you find it insulting, then it’s worked a treat!

@Denstandiga. Yes. I believe it in the first moment, because I had know idea what day is today (silly me). But when going to Aftbl. site, I saw the date at the right, and all became clear to me! hehe (not to mention that they said what was Per doing in NY)

:D I hate today, I question EVERYTHING... makes my paranoia run in overdrive! :D

You got me! Gr8!

LOL, almost got me...

But Aftonbladet writes something similar, that Per is currently in New York... So maybe they are fooling their readers too... (-;

Here’s the link,2789,456310,00.html

What??? No Canadian dates??? I’m outraged!

And why only “club concerts”? How will the Argentinian fans be able to buy tickets??? It’s so unfair!!!


P.S. The “Room Service” showcase CD with bonus track “Little Miss Sorrow” was much better... I fell for that hook, line, and sinker... (-:

aftonbladet just wrote that per is in new york to meet some friends... why should that be a joke?

Anon... Aprils fools day is a wide spread thing... so they are taking in to account those that DO have it.
Geeeez, I think this is one aprils fools that back fired... Sheesh. :rollseyes:

Anonymous 4/1/2004 17:14: You put a lot of thought into that.... why??? I’m assuming you’re another that hasn’t heard of April fools. It’s where you get tricked into thinking something that isn’t true...
If it is, good on them... but I’m thinking it’ll be told this is nothing more than an april fools JOKE come tomorrow.
Do you HONESTLY think GT will be a success in the US? I for one don’t.,je,je good joke!

Well, “GT cancels tour” would’ve been too obvious we thought. :) Glad you enjoyed our little spoof at least!


Holy crap, you guys are good! I was almost going to fly down to Minneapolis... :-)

This GREAT NEW reminds me of a girl, a girl that i have not seen in my msn for a long time. She s Rony, from the US. She asked if GT would record once in english , and somebody said a big “NOT, THEY ARE OUR GUYS” or something like “Nej dom ar vara grabbar”... well Rony!!!, this a very very nice answer for you!!!! i gues you must be happy!!!

and sorry for my english...

ahhh, Rony, i hope you read this message :-)

@Nox: ... uh, hate to break it to you but it’s a joke (read the posts above yours to get caught up...).

(and a good one, I must say!)

It does sound like a joke!!! Gyllene Tider won’t be able to ’conquer’ the US, if Roxette weren’t able to! Who said the US wanted ’awkward Scandinavian songs’ on their radio? Has Per forgotten about Roxette?! Longing for the news about Marie... Wish she returned with a new solo album, everyone would forget about that rush about Gyllene Tider. For sure.

Hej! I feel stupid as well! I believed in the stuff!!!

I can’t belive that people still seem to believe in this story!


It’s funny that people believed it... this was one april fool that worked a treat. :D

a joke? is it funny? :-S


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