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Per’s greetings to the readers of TDR

Written by roxeteer on September 28, 2003 to .

HELSINKI - Here’s something very funny and very exclusive for the readers of The Daily Roxette. You know these “jingles” they play on the radio? “This is Per Gessle from Roxette, and you’re listening to Radio Blah Blah.” is a jingle. Besides being annoying, they are often quite hilarious.

  Well, we wanted a jingle of our own, so when we met Per before his concert in Helsinki, we asked him to record one for us. Here you go:

Per’s jingle for The Daily Roxette (MP3, 6 secs, 117 KB)


is he just supposted to say “from ro”
cause that’s all I hear

Sorry, it was just my computer, now i heard the whole jingle, it’s good...

No. He says more than that.

mm, i heard that when i downloaded it... stupid explorer...

I love it!! Thanx guys!!

This was really great!!

Wow, what a great idea. Thank you so much. Isn’t Per just brilliant too, for doing this for us.

Wow! cool!

..but it’s toooo SHORT!!!

Cool! I told my little doggy that it was Per, and that he would be hearing a lot from him!

Thanx Per!

hihi “rooooxette” :P he has forgot how to say it as in the ol’ times? :P


WAY TOO SHORT for starters. And I’m still laughing. Someone pick me up off the floor? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

It’s saved to my HD, PERMANENTLY!

THANKS MR. GESSLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

*S*E*X*Y*!!!!!! :o)

and again, the complaints!

Is there a way to completely satisfy you guys? Isn’t this better than NOTHING? What do you want Per to do? A speech? ;-)

Besides that: great message :-)


Camillarox, you are so right Why always complaining?

So sweet!

Thanks Per

sounds like Roxette is written like this from now on:


Thanx Per ! Thanx TDR!

Right click on the link and do a ’save target as’ and then play in winamp or whatever you’ve got to play files like that.

So sexy ..... Rooooooxette ..... Oh, my dear.



Ahhhhhhh Per I love your voice...soooo sexy :D
Kisses from Brazil

I wanted to hear from Ms. Fredriksson too, actually. *smirks*

I love it - so cool.

Love Per & rrrrrroooxette :D

U sooooo need to wash your ears out!

It SO is Per, are you saying we would fake this?!


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