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Per and his band perform an intense club gig in Helsinki

Written by roxeteer on September 26, 2003 to .

HELSINKI - The rock club Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland wasn’t completely packed with people, but that made the atmosphere even more enjoyable and intimate for those fortunate enough to be there. About 400 tickets were sold in advance and since the club has the capacity of 700, The Daily Roxette estimates there were around 500 people listening to this last concert of Per’s “Mazarin” summer tour.

  The set list was exactly the same as in Oslo on Tuesday, concentrating on the more rocking songs. Especially “(Hon vill ha) Puls” rocked like it never has before. Rather surprisingly, the audience really warmed up when “Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång” started. It seemed like everyone knew the lyrics and sang along. A similar reaction was only produced with “Sommartider,” which ended the concert.

  Per first looked a bit tired on stage, but was nevertheless in a good mood. Because of the nature of a club concert, the audience was able to shout their comments and requests to him. Unfortunately, the song list had already been decided and Per and his band didn’t play any songs suggested by the audience.

  An excellent gig by excellent musicians, anyway.

  The “Mazarin” album hasn’t been a major success in Finland, having failed to reach the Top 40 chart. However, the songs have been very popular among the Swedish-speaking minority, and it looked like most of the audience were either members of that minority or Roxette fans - or both.


which were the songs the crowd suggested?

Blå December was one of songs.

wow, I wonder if Gessle would remember the text on the spot? :) If u remember other suggestions, write them here! :)

Yeah, Per’s reaction was: Blå December??? He really looked like he doesen’t have no idea about the lyrics.

I don’t remember any of the songs the crowd suggested. :o) But I’ll put a link here as soon as I get my pictures developed. So you can all see them also! :o)

I miss Anders from the pix...

I’ve been there too! That was fantastic night! Sommartider and Ga & Fiska were 2 the greatest songs of the show. I liked this concert even more than one in St.Petersburg in 2001, when nearly 10,000 people were singing Roxette’s songs!

@Mari, remember me, we met at the entrance to the club? Write me back, please! =)))

Junkie, yeah, I saw you and your friend there (two males, right?), but I wasn’t the one you talked with. It was somebody else :)

@Mari: yes, i’m the one with long hair and glasses. But I thought that girl whom I talked to even after the show, discussing how many pics we’d taken, she told me her nick here is Mari.... May be I’m mistaken... You might saw us, don’t you know her nick-name?

Great night, wasn’t it? Still can’t forget it!!!!!!!!

@ Junkie

No...She was Maiken, not Mari. I remember u.
I think I was standing on your right side at the concert.

To Junkie:
yeah, it was me who you spoke with! :o) I checked out the web-site you gave me, looks quite nice!! :o)

Hi, Animalkingdom - so it was you! Great!!!
@Maiken: I’ll develop my films tomorrow on Monday so I will probably upload my pics on-line by the end of the upcoming week for sure, so you might come to my site on Thu or Fri do see them. :)
Hope to hear from you soon!


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