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Roxette featured in Disney’s Millennium Village

Written by roxeteer on October 23, 1999 to .

According to our reader Maria Bonet from Orlando, Florida, Roxette is featured in Epcot Center’s Millennium Village. Epcot Center is part of Walt Disney World. She tells: “[…] the point is that Per and Marie are in the Sweden half of the village. There’s a large wall of artists and important people from Sweden and Roxette is in it!!! I was very impressed and amazed to see them there. They had life sized pictures and a little screen where you could watch videos, but the Roxette video didn’t play for me…”

EMI Svenska site launch postponed

Written by roxeteer on October 23, 1999 to .

EMI Svenska has postponed the launch of their own website. Earlier this year the first page of said the site would be opened in “autumn of 1999”, but now it says “This site is scheduled for take of… Next millennium… Welcome!”.

Gun-Marie’s Guys and Gals goes online

Written by roxeteer on October 23, 1999 to .

A new site dedicated to Marie Fredriksson has been launched. The site, titled Gun-Marie’s Guys and Gals (Marie’s full first name is Gun-Marie), is also the “home of Marie’s one and only Fan group”. The site also contains a huge discography. Check it out!

Tylösand strong candidate for Swedish casino

Written by roxeteer on October 23, 1999 to .

The Swedish government has decided to give a permission for one international-sized casino in Sweden. Per’s hotel, Hotel Tylösand, is one of the candidates. Now rumour from Sweden has it that Tylösand is one of the six finalists in the competition for a casino.

Roxette changes lawyer in the States?

Written by roxeteer on October 4, 1999 to .

Lars-Erik Olsson from New York has an interesting rumour to share with us: in the future Roxette will be represented by a new lawyer in the US. This means that the contract with their current lawyer, Robert Thorne will end. You may remember that Mr. Thorne was recently hospitalized because of severe illness and this was one of the reasons behind the delay of the US album release. Official Roxette Fanclub told about Thorne and his disease in June.

Unreleased tracks on “Salvation” single

Written by roxeteer on October 2, 1999 to .

Per reveals at information on the forthcoming “Salvation” single. The b-side will be an unreleased song called “See Me”, which is an outtake from the “Crash! Boom! Bang!” sessions (there seems to be more and more tracks from that time!). The maxi single will contain also a previously unreleased version (the original one) of “Crazy About You”. If you don’t remember, “Crazy About You” was released as a b-side of “You Don’t Understand Me”. Maxi single will also contain the “Stars” video.

Odds & ends from HAND site

Written by roxeteer on October 2, 1999 to .

“Salvation” will be released in the end of October, which is EMI’s decision. The video will be shot in Italy.

There are plans for a compilation video with some very old stuff, like “Neverending Love”, but nothing has been confirmed yet. There won’t be a release this year, that’s for sure, however. “Un dia sin ti” will also be on the video.

Next album will be released “maybe maybe maybe in xmas 2000”.

“Stars” is going to be released in Canada soon.
Right now it looks like there won’t be any live gigs this year.

Anders Herrlin is making an album with his girlfriend, Jenny, for Sony.

“Have A Nice Day” has sold 90,000 copies in Japan.

“Well, I think that the MTV Unplugged show eventually will be released”, says Per.

Jackie Öfwerman who appears on “Have A Nice Day” is the daughter of Staffan Öfwerman, another member of the Roxette band. (Staffan is brother of Clarence, if I remember right.)

The name of Per’s wife, Åsa, is pronounced like “awesome”.

Message from Per on HAND site

Written by roxeteer on October 2, 1999 to .

Per has written a short message for the fans on

Time flies. Now the summer’s over. Hope you’ve had a good time, we surely did. I’ve spent most of my time in Halmstad with my suntanned family and friends as well as starting to write for the next Rox album. Marie has for what I know hardly left her boat at all this summer. The weather has been fantastic. But now it slowly gets back to normal which in our case means promotion, promotion and more promotion.
And also, I try to get back to the chat side to answer some of your intelligent Q’s. I’ll try to behave. Hope to see you out there.

Per G.

For those who don’t know, is the official “Have A Nice Day” site, maintained by Roxette Recordings.


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