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5 hours of Roxette a day!

Written by roxeteer on April 29, 1999 to .

The Finnish TV magazine Katso says that there will be Roxette’s Greatest Hits Weekend programme 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday, starting on both days at 11am CET. The magazine doesn’t tell how the time is going to be spent.

Roxette’s Greatest Hits Weekend on European MTV’s

Written by roxeteer on April 27, 1999 to .

As you’ve probably already heard, several European MTV stations are going to broadcast a Roxette Weekend on May 1 and 2. In Europe, MTV has been divided to smaller divisions. Only MTV Europe will have Roxette’s Greatest Hits Weekend. MTV Germany, MTV Italy and MTV UK won’t show Roxette Weekend this time. MTV Europe has also some regional differences (e.g. different VJ’s). This is what MTV Nordic’s MTVtext says about the coming event:

Saturday 1/Sunday 2 May
Selling over 40 million albums and 15 million singles has not proven enough for Swedish super-duo Roxette! They’re back with a new album ’Have A Nice Day’, which is being acclaimed by some as their strongest yet.
This weekend, Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle - better known as Roxette - are in MTV’s studios to host a weekend devoted to their greatest hits.

Further details will be posted here as soon as possible.

BTW, today on Nordic Top 5, VJ Lars told that the “Anyone” video is being edited at the moment and it will have its premiere soon on MTV.

Central’s April update

Written by roxeteer on April 22, 1999 to .

Central has been updated at last. You can now find dozens of new desktop pictures and a pack of “Have A Nice Day” icons. There’s also a competition that ends on April 28.

No Spanish EP after all?

Written by roxeteer on April 22, 1999 to .

The Official Roxette Fan Club has contacted EMI Svenska to ask about the rumours on new Spanish tracks. EMI Svenska confirms that Per and Marie are going to spend some time recording tracks in Spanish, but there won’t be an EP release.

There’s also a possibility that the number of the Spanish tracks is only 3, not 6 as I’ve said before.

“Anyone” the single - coming on May 10

Written by roxeteer on April 22, 1999 to .

The Roxette Archives has released the cover picture of the “Anyone” single. Here’s the tracklisting:

CD5 CDPRO 4222 (EU)

  1. Anyone (Radio edit)

CD5 (EU)

  1. Anyone (Radio edit)
  2. Anyone (Demo)

CD5 (EU)

  1. Anyone (Radio edit)
  2. Anyone (Demo)
  3. You Don’t Understand Me (Acoustic Abbey Road version)
  4. Cooper (Close to God version)
  5. Wish I Could Fly (Video clip)

The release date of the single has been set to May 10.

Tidbits from Per

Written by roxeteer on April 22, 1999 to .

Per has again answered to fans’ questions at This time he has some very interesting things to tell.

There will be several (?) 12” singles of the “Stars” remixes with some “tough heavy groovy” tracks. Roxette never recorded the track “Myth” which was once told to have been recorded during the “Crash! Boom! Bang!” sessions. “Have A Nice Day” has so far sold 1.4 million copies worldwide. Per thinks “Stars” is the best track on the new album, and the Gyllene Tider song “Faller ner på knä” is the best one he’s ever written.

Per thinks Christoffer Lundquist helped them a lot during the making of the new album: “There was a god and his name was Christoffer.” There is no Roxette song called “Have A Nice Day”. “Anyone” video will be “a tribute to life”, according to the director Jonas Åkerlund. Roxette’s next video collection will contain of course the new Roxette videos and also Per’s solo videos and the first “The Look” video directed by Mats Jonstam.

Video collection before Christmas, new album in 2001?

Written by roxeteer on April 22, 1999 to .

Per tells at the new video collection I’ve told you about earlier will be in the shops before Christmas this year. Per also says that the next “real” Roxette album will be out by Christmas 2001!

Roxette weekend on European MTV

Written by roxeteer on April 19, 1999 to .

There will be a Roxette weekend on European MTV stations on May 1-2. Per and Marie are going to host the weekend straight from the MTV Studios in London. However, it’s not sure yet which stations will broadcast the Roxette shows.

Spanish EP update

Written by roxeteer on April 19, 1999 to .

Rox Britannia tells that Per recently confirmed on a Spanish radio station (Cadena 40) that they are going to record in Spanish some tracks, and that the recordings will start in a few weeks.

The fan club’s Latin American division has got the list of the tracks on the forthcoming Spanish EP.

  • Wish I Could Fly - Echarse a volar (Start to Fly)
  • Anyone - Cualquiera que pueda amar (Anyone that could love)
  • Stars - Estrella Fugaz (Shooting Star)
  • Salvation - Redención (Salvation)
  • Beautiful Things - Cosas bonitas que pueden curar (Beautiful things that can heal)

There will also be a promo single with the Spanish “Anyone” on the A-side and a Spanish version of “You Don’t Understand Me” on the B-side.

“Anyone” video will be shot next week

Written by roxeteer on April 9, 1999 to .

The video for the song “Anyone” hasn’t been shot yet, as I falsely stated earlier. According to EMI Italia it will be shot in an unrevealed location near Lisbon, Portugal on April 13, 14 and 15.

On their visit to Portugal they’re also going to perform live at “Globos de Ouro” (“Golden Globes”) which is kind of Portuguese Oscar awards. The show will be broadcasted live for at least 5-6 million people and via satellite for even bigger number of people.

In addition, a rumour has it that MTV will make a documentary about the making of the video.

Another Spanish language CD forthcoming?

Written by roxeteer on April 6, 1999 to .

Following the success of “Baladas En Español”, EMI International is planning to release a four or five track EP of ballads from the Have A Nice Day album in Spanish. Included will be translated versions of “Wish I Could Fly”, “Anyone”, “Salvation” and “Beautiful Things”. According to EMI, there is a “rush” on this project.

The translations are made by Luis G. Escolar, the same person who made the much-maligned translations for “Baladas En Español”.

Brainpool’s new album is out

Written by roxeteer on April 6, 1999 to .

Brainpool’s new album “You Are Here” and the excellent lead single with the same title are in the shops. Brainpool’s bassist-singer Christoffer Lundquist appears on Roxette’s latest album. Brainpool thanks Roxette in the booklet of “You Are Here” for “keeping them busy”. But on the contrary to Roxette, Brainpool boasts in the booklet that “no sequencers, computers or samplers were used”.

Roxette on Swedish TV this weekend

Written by roxeteer on April 1, 1999 to .

Roxette’s members will be on Swedish TV twice this weekend! First SVT2 broadcasts the movie “Sånt är livet” (Sweden 1996, directed by Colin Nutley). The movie will be shown on Saturday 21.45 CET and it features several songs from Marie’s latest solo album.

Roxette visits SVT1’s Söndagsöppet on Sunday. On the show, starting at 18.15 CET, they perform the song “Anyone”. The show is broadcasted around Europe via satellite on SVT Europa.


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